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Romney’s Forgotten Military

Monday, September 24th, 2012

When Mitt Romney was asked whether or not he regretted not mentioning the military in his acceptance speech, he laughed and suggested that he only regretted the reporter bringing it up again.  As a former lieutenant commander of the United States Navy, being forgotten by a presidential hopeful who has never himself served in the military is particularly enraging.

Mitt Romney attempted to excuse his omission of the military by stating that he simply couldn’t cover the “laundry list” of topics people want to hear in every speech.  I had no idea my commitment to this country was considered merely an item on a laundry list.  His comments on the matter were especially shocking, since he is so adamant about sending troops overseas.  It appears he would freely use the services of our brave young men and women in fighting wars, but does not feel it important to mention them in his attempt to become our next President.  Approximately 2.3 million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan to fight for freedom there.  While Romney and Ryan are certainly in support of the war, they don’t seem to care about the individuals who make up our troops.  Neither Paul Ryan nor any of Mitt Romney’s five strapping sons have volunteered for the military (or even government service), yet they thrive and have become wealthy until the blanket of freedom provided by our armed forces.   Governor Mitt Romney is more than willing to send other people’s children to war and possible death, while his sons remain safe and secure at home.  Paul Ryan stated that he had sent men and women to war, as if he really cared about them.  However, it takes more then sending our young men and women to war; they also need to be brought home alive and well.  Ironically, Paul Ryan voted against protecting veteran’s benefits and supported cutting veteran’s programs.

As a veteran and physician, it worries me greatly that men who want to lead our country would so easily send our young men and women to war, yet not care about them nor take care of those veterans upon their return.  From this war, there are currently 50,000 wounded veterans, 80,000 still fighting over seas, and 6,512 dead.  How many more have to die before Romney and Ryan remember the cost of an American life?